Damned if you do.

by | Aug 16, 2021 | 2 comments

As I pray for our medical staff, I do see them in a difficult situation, kind of damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

No matter what they say someone will not be happy with them.
I really see this whole thing as being an issue around considered conversations. Do all parties treat each other with respect, do all parties use their words well, and do all parties avoid many of the logical sinkholes, (Straw-man Arguments, Ad Hominem, Appeal to Authority, Arguing against Tone, No true Scotsman, you get my drift).

I also see an underlying force at work that wants to keep things in a binary.
Either Vax/wear a mask/social distance/obey authority or you are the problem.
A binary choice is very easy for those in power to govern others with. However, nothing is ever a binary choice. Add a third or a fourth or a fifth item into the choice grid and the issue becomes exponentially harder. That is why you see so much of the current dilemma reduced to a binary, it’s simply easier to manage, even if the truth is destroyed in the process.

Yet this is why I am currently working on my citizenship. The tenets of the American Experiment, which has to lead the world of freedoms, rights, and responsibility, is also about people taking responsibility for their actions, making sure they are good for their neighbours, and learning to live in charity: care, consideration, peacefulness, helpfulness, tolerances of differences but not necessarily acceptance.

However, governments want a controllable populace. That is why all over the world we are seeing such draconian lockdowns, mandates from on high that those making them do not follow and even in the US we are seeing a departure from the American Experiment.


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