Gripping the Ether.

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Gripping the Ether.

Gripping the Ether has been an idea for a few years, and when Nova McBee came to Kona and did a class on writing, I got cracking and wrote the rest of the book over the next three months.

Since then, it has been ‘edit without mercy.’

The week of teaching on Editing from the School of Writing on the Kona Campus was very helpful. Thanks Matias & Samantha Arredondo.

I still have a ways to go, but I also do not want the perfect getting in the way of what I have done so far. As you can see below, the book is available for you to buy or download; either way, I would appreciate your comments. I already have had a few good points made and will seek to edit and update the version here.


I like Hard sci-fi, meaning there are no mystical creatures, no magic, but rather the magic of science that could be.

This story is presented in today’s time with some added technology. It will explore the challenges that people face when they begin to encounter power and tribulations. Will they grow new capacity and rise to the challenge, or will the power corrupt them and the tribulation overcome them and destroy them?

Gripping the Ether

Jason Pollard is a dropout of the University of Tübingen in Germany. His professor directed him to put his knowledge and ability to work before the narrative captured him.
From success in New York to being on the run for what was in his brain and satchel, can Jason last in the Wilds of a changing world?

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Or Download it here as an ebook.

Why Gripping the Ether?


The idea has been around for a while that a thing has to be transmitted through another thing or medium.

Think Sound through the Air.
Electricity through a Copper Wire.
But what about light from the sun or a radio signal? How does it travel through a vacuum?

As far back as the 17th century, the ether was proposed as what gravity flowed through. A theoretical universal substance, a weightless, transparent, friction-less, undetectable thing permeating all matter and space.

However with Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity the ether hypothesis was abandoned as being unnecessary.

I am reusing the idea here in relation to Dark Energy and Dark Matter, or Dark Gravity as some have come to call it.

It has also been interesting to watch the various theories come forth, from dark matter to anti matter. To ideas that 11% of the universe is missing to more recent ideas that surmise that we are only seeing 5% of the mass of the universe.

The more we learn the less we know.



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