Do you have a story to tell?

Stories is a site being built to allow you to tell your story.

Fiction or Nonfiction.
Devotional or Biography.
As YWAMers we have all done some pretty crazy things, so here is a change to get it down and get it out.

Invite your friends to write or read, to comment or add advice, give feedback or provide technical information to make your story real.

Your Story

So many of us have a story in us that wants to get out, but just how do you do that?

Most authors have people that read, check, critique, give advice and help sharpen your writing. This site is aimed at helping us all to do these things.


Our Mission & Vission

I run websites, I also like to write. A lot of what I have written is my musings on scripture and the journey we are all on with Jesus.

I also want to write a story.

I really like Hard Science Fiction, and I present my story here for people to read and to comment. I want this process to be something you can learn from. I want this process to be something you can actually do for your story.

It does not matter if your story is fiction or non-fiction, biographical or maybe devotional. It is all part of kingdom living and there is no divide.

Go ahead and register for an account, and star putting up your story.

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