Tony & Christine Arcus

Gripping the Ether.

I am currently writing a Hard Scifi set today, but with a few new technologies.

I am exploring the ideas of power corrupts. And the problem of Gold, Glory and Guys/Girls. You might remember this from the days of Dean Sherman.


Always writing something. Have a look.


Nothing here yet.

About Us

Who are we?

Chris and I have been in YWAM off and on since the 80’s.
We meet and married in the Philippines, and have lived in the US and New Zealand, work in the Tech Industry, have worked with other groups in both countries.
We currently run a business hosting website, helping develop Smart Homes, managing Networks and hardware. I also write in a few different computer languages.


We have been in Kona since 2016, working mainly with the Farm, Life Empowering Technology and Science, as well as helping around the Campus in a variety of support areas..

Where have we been previous?

After our DTSs, mine in New Zealand and Christine in Canada. We meet in the Philippines, both working as Primary Health Care Worker. This was in Manila, at Smoky Mountain. After my school in Manila I went on Outreach to the City of Surigao in Mindanao. And Christine joined us as we established this new YWAM base there. We married and worked there till 1989.
From there we worked with YWAM in Wellington, NZ. Later we worked with YWAM in Auckland. Then we lived in the Wairarapa or 18 years, raising four and starting a business in IT.

Nulla Quis Lorem Malesuada?

I like to write devotions and stories.